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 Unparalleled Consulting Experience to Every Client


Teloi is based out of Chennai, South India. With over 30+ years of combined experience in management and social development

Teloi is a growing consulting firm based in Chennai, South India. At Teloi, we are a team of enthusiastic professionals with 25+ years of combined experience in management and social development. We precisely understand and enable CSRs and NGOs to overcome their challenges to achieve excellence, while they strive to positively impact the communities they serve
Unparalleled consulting experience to every client.

Our Vision

Unparalleled consulting experience to every client.

Our Mission


Discern client

We are committed to deep discussions to insure full understanding of requirements of our Clients. By probing deeper, we help them become aware of potential blind spots and roadblocks to align goals to organizational strategy.

Derive cutting-edge

We leverage our combined experience and expertise in both management and social development- to develop robust solutions for our Clients which create maximum social impact.

Deliver phenomenal
consulting experience

We are committed to faster delivery of value for every service agreed upon. This enables our Clients to have better programmatic performance, lower costs and gain higher social return on investment.


Individual client attention for timely and quality service

WHY US Expert Consultants with experience in handling complex projects in various social developmental fields

Ability to work across geographical locations in India and abroad Work efficiently and meeting deadlines even under constrained environments

Provide on-going support, enabling clients to enhance performance of business processes Ability to work across geographical locations in India



CSR Management

We guide our clients to establish the most efficient CSR strategy in alignment with the Sustainable Developmental Goals. We ensure that they are able to achieve their company’s CSR goals and create maximum social impact. We provide advice, guidance and end-to-end services, including: building an effective CSR Strategy which is well aligned to company’s CSR goals; identifying and establishing partnerships for effective implementation of CSR strategy; monitoring & evaluating CSR Strategy implementation; and periodic quality reporting.

Evaluation & Impact Assessment

Our customized Evaluation plan provides a precise methodology and a clear scope. We draw from a wide range of methods from In-Depth Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Desk Research, Surveys, and other creative techniques. We are experts in both quantitative and qualitative analysis. For effectively communicating the social impact made by our Clients, we offer a wide range of reporting formats including infographics, accessible reports...etc. Our strong Facilitation skills ensures that recommendations are actionable and help Clients to improve, evolve and deliver desired outcomes.


We develop effective processes to Prove, Improve and Account the impact made on the triple bottom line and also communicate that impact better to the key stakeholders.

Partnership Management

We enable Clients to establish and review new partnerships with other like-minded organizations, determine governance, formalize partnerships and maintain strong relationships with partners.

Project Management

We enable Clients to enhance their competency in Project Management and improve the efficiency of their projects, resulting in increased organizational credibility. We develop highly structured approaches to achieve outcomes and create a well-defined Project Life Cycle with precise roles and supporting processes. We drive the entire planning process through participatory and facilitative approach, resulting in better clarity of roles and collaboration within the Project Team. This enables Project Managers to be highly effective in decision making, control project scope, manage budgets and achieve desired outcomes effectively.

Training & Development

The core of our Training services is to educate, empower and build the capacity of our Clients, enhancing their focus on their mission and to optimize their social impact. We also provide field support through our expert Training Consultants who deliver customized training modules as per client requirement.


Our Social Research is based on scientific and systematic gathering of evidence on selected pointers that help Clients in every process of research (designing, collecting, collating, interpreting and analysing the data). The research helps our Clients to understand the effectiveness of work in a systematic way and unites to their goals, approach and interventions. We do this through in-depth study and exploration that sets the structure for our research.

 NGO Compliance

Our expert Consultants effectively support NGOs to consistently meet the statutory requirements of Government. Our services include, NGO Registration, 12 A & 80G Registration, FCRA Registration, FCRA Mandatory Compliance - FC1, FC2, FC3A, FC3B, FC3C, FC4, FC5, FC6A, FC6C, FC6D and FC6E, Intimation of Quarterly Receipt, Filing of Annual Returns of Assets & Liabilities. We also undertake Financial Accounting and Auditing.

Geo-spatial Data Services

We are experts in conducting geo-spatial field data collection/acquisition. We use cutting edge software to achieve highest accuracy of GIS data, enabling clients to visualize, analyse, and understand patterns and relationships more easily.
Our flagship project- 'GIS Mapping' with our key client Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) covered an area of more than 300 Sq. kms. Geo-Spatial data of more than 40 various utilities and services of GCC were collected. Through another project "Door-To Door Survey", more than 3,00,000 Property Tax Data was linked with the base map. These two projects enabled the GCC to integrate and analyse large sets of data effectively which paved the way for generating improved revenue and also enhancing their quality of service to the public.


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